Fick den har pa drygt 10 min live, inte klar an, men grymt bra ;)

inspiring eyes

tantilizing thighs

you got me hypnotized

caught up under a spell

me and you together?

only time will tell

years days and months

im longing for the time

that i can give you what u want

give what your heart desires

trust me and watch our love trsanspite

i want to grow with you

together we can elevate higher

higher than the clouds

im here for you now

i want where u lay your head to be a happy home

so everytime i great you i say selam

ciao when you leave

but everytime i go i think my heart grieves

i am optimistic in your abscence

waiting for the day we can become established

i dont want kids who are bastards

so if i were your man, anything you could have it

 id be by your side through the storms hurrcicanes and earthquakes tsunamis and tornadoes

as long as you are not afraid to say no

feben berhane

i want you to know that i believe in you strongly

To be continued.....

Postat av: $

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW that is beautiful... blev faktiskt tårögd :D:D:D

oway sebaj hahaha, vill höra fortsättningen

10 dagar kvar..puss

2010-05-04 @ 01:20:23

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